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Orange Code: Orange County's Land Development Code

What is Orange Code?

Orange Code, the County's new code process, represents a radically simplified and sustainable way to govern how land is developed. It ensures sustainable land development that preserves the character of existing communities, celebrates Orange County's diversity and creates vibrant places to live, work and relax. Every city and county has a land development code that describes where and how new buildings and communities may be built. While there have been many updates since Orange County’s Land Development Code was written in 1957, now is the time to look at the big picture.

Orange Code will refresh and rethink the County’s place-making law for the 21st Century. Orange Code will:

  • Foster a built environment that is sustainable, both environmentally and economically.
  • Streamline the application and project review processes.
  • Protect and enhance the character, form, and scale of Orange County’s diverse communities.
  • Meet the needs of Orange County’s current and future citizens and businesses.


Orange Code Draft Document

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