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All Permit Types
(Plus impact fees, Site work, etc...)

Code of Ordinances
(Codes relating to land development...)

Division of Building Safety
(Homepage and frequently asked questions...)

Plans Review
(Check the status of plans being reviewed...)

Public Records Request
(Form for requesting public records...)

Fast Track Permits
(Check permits, plan status & inspections...)

Field Investigation Reports
(Database of all field investigation reports...)

Green Building
(Green Projects in Orange County...)

Glossary of Terms
(Terms used in Permits & Licenses...)

Impact Fee Calculator
(Calculate impact fees for your new structure...)

Impact Fees
(Explanation of impact fees...)

Inspections History
(Find permit inspection results...)

Lakeshore & Wetland
Impact Permits
(Application Process...)

Licensed Contractor Database
(Search building contractors...)

One-Stop Permitting Services
(A central permitting destination....)

Permitting & Construction Forms
(Construction forms, Sub permits....)

Regulatory Streamlining
(About the process and task force...)
Utilities Permitting Fees
(Capital charges, Plan review fees...)

Utilities Planning & Construction
(Standards manual, Hydraulic modeling...)

Zoning Division
(Frequently asked questions...)