New Hires

For information about your benefits options, please refer to our New Hire benefits page. Here you can find lots of great information, and also watch our orientation videos.

  • You must submit your Life Insurance Beneficiary Form and your Benefits Acknowledgment Form on or before your date of hire. Click on the “Submit Button” in order to email your completed form to the benefits team.

  • Complete and submit your enrollment form within 30 calendars days of your date of hire. If you miss this deadline, you will be automatically enrolled in CORE coverage.

  • While you are eligible for benefits on your date of hire, your coverage will not begin until after all required enrollment documentation has been received and processed.

For Existing Employees

If you are experiencing a mid-year life event you may qualify to make changes to your existing benefits elections. For information, please refer to the employee Benefits Handbook, contact us at Benefits@ocfl.net, or reach out to an HR Service Center.

  • Complete & submit your enrollment form within 60 calendars days of your qualified event.
  • Proof of your life event is required and must be submitted along with your enrollment form.
  • Approved coverage changes will be effective within 1-2 pay periods.

How to submit your enrollment request:

  1. Complete & submit your enrollment form within the applicable deadline.

  2. If you plan to enroll any of your dependents on a County plan, you are required to submit all required dependent documentation (ie. Birth Certifcate, Marriage License, etc) with your enrollment form. For details, refer to the Eligbility & Rules section of your Benefits Handbook..

  3. If you are an existing employee looking to make changes to your benefits, don’t forget to include documentation that supports your life event.

  4. Save your forms and supporting documentation as follows:

    Employee ID + Last Name + Document Type

    123456 LastName Enrollment Form
    123456 LastName Spouse Name
    123456 LastName Child1 Name
    123456 LastName Child2 Name

  5. Scan and upload your forms and supporting documentation to our secure Box.com folder.

Select or drag your document(s) into the secure Box.com folder, then click submit. You will see a progress window showing you the status of your uploads, until they each are 100% uploaded.

Once completed you will see a confirmation page display.

The maximum file size is 5 MB, and only the following file types may be used: .pdf (unlocked), .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .tiff, .bmp, and .txt